About the band

Twinwood far

The Colonial Club, Twinwood Festival 2021.

Honeymoon Swing is a five piece with Three Singers, Drums, Bass, Piano, Guitar and Violin.

This music was made for dancing! Specifically for the jazz dance styles from the 1920s to the 1950s. The band is versatile and can tailor a quiet set for a small bistro or party up to a full scale festival swing dance. It's all about the groove and the rhythm.

The repertoire is a mixture of classics from the likes of Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Al Bowley and many others, with some Western Swing and Honky Tonk influence. Also a few contemporary tunes adapted for the style which can raise a smile.

Some well known tunes in the repertoire;
What a difference a day makes.
Pennies from Heaven
I’m goin’ to sit right down and write
It don’t mean a thing
Aint no one here but us Chickens
A Room With a View
Choo Choo Ch Boogie
Taint what you do
Sing Sing Sing
Jack I'm Mellow
Tico Tico

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There is a real new enthusiasm for these vintage moods and styles which have been embraced by the empty nesters, the baby boomers and the hipsters in Great Britain, the band play for flappers, hoppers, hep cats, shaggers and jivers!

It started in the 20’s with the Charleston in Charleston, later the Lindy Hop in New York, Balboa in Los Angeles and Collegiate Shag in the colleges of the eastern seaboard of The United States. The dance crazes that helped America through the great depression, the second world war and the affluent but troubled 1950s.